SPG specialise in the delivery of turnkey caravan camps. What does this mean? You tell us where you need to be, how long you want to be there, how many people you want to cater for and your requirements for camp operations, and we take care of the rest. And we mean absolutely everything! You will not have to figure out how to dispose of sewerage, distribute power and water, catering for your camp, or even setup a satellite communications system. We also control the entire process, for a full list on the services SPG offers in a turnkey caravan camp, please see table below.

When you arrive you will be welcomed by friendly faces that will familiarise you with the camp setup and get you comfortable. From here, we will make sure that everything runs like clockwork, so you can remain focussed on your core business. 

We understand that your employees are your greatest asset, and we aim to create a positive environment that maximises employee health and wellbeing, meaning your employeesstart work each day happy, well rested and productive.

While this all might sound easy, the devil is in the detail. This is where our experienced and meticulous approach to planning ensures we implement every layer of detail required to deliver a positive camp experience. We have successfully mobilised and set up turnkey camps in as little as 7 days from sign off.

What can I expect in an SPG Turnkey Camp

When you engage SPG to provide a turnkey camp, we take care of absolutely everything. Below is a list of services SPG provides as part of its turnkey offering. Many of these services are often forgotten or overlooked during the planning process, often resulting in organisations spending well above their budget once the camp is completed. As they say the ‘proof is in the pudding’, and this is just one example of how we take mobile camps further.

The SPG Turnkey Difference SPG
SPG Camp Operational policies and procedures
SPG Head Office HR support to co-ordinate all client specific qualifications, training and inductions
SPG Head Office Procurement Dept to source, order and organise deliveries of all consumables and stock items
SPG Newman Hire Depot 24/7 support
SPG Welshpool Operational and construction Depot 24/7 support
Mobilization to site for all equipment and infrastructure
Set up of all equipment
Bore equipment and installation if required
Power distribution
All electrical items supplied tested and tagged
Diesel supply and storage
Fuelling Bund and spill kit
Raw water distribution
Sewage transfer and storage
Arranging and co-ordinate sewage removal from site
Arranging and co-ordinate rubbish removal from site
Cleaning of all facilities within the camp
Supply of rubbish bins throughout the camp
Any combination of modular SPG Caravans
Mine spec vehicle for camp operations
All SPG Caravans supplied with aluminium platform steps including hand rails
All SPG Caravans supplied with wheel chocks, jack, fire extinguishers and wheel brace
Supply concrete tie down blocks if stipulated (specified)
Satellite communication
Television (satellite) if requested
Camp signage
Storage containers
All catering equipment (pots, pans, mixers, bowls etc)
All messing utensils and dining room equipment
All consumables and disposables
All cleaning equipment and chemicals required
Fresh healthy choice of meals and cater to dietary requirements
Flexible meal time to suit your workforce
First Aid kit in camp
Ice Machines
SPG Camp Operational Staff - Chef, Cleaner and Maintenance
Arranging and co-ordinating all transport and flight for staff rosters (included in quoted price)
Additional operational spares kept on site and in Newman/Perth Depot
Demobilization from site for all equipment and infrastructure and rubbish removed