Perhaps it is time for project managers to rethink their on-site catering options? After all, just like an army marches on its stomach, project team members can only perform at their best when they are comfortable, well-fed, and ready for action.

This is where Commercial Caravan Kitchen Hire from Site Projects Group really comes into its own. SPG provide state of the art caravan kitchen units to mining, civil engineering and a whole host of other projects throughout Australia.

The project located in an awkward spot, miles from major population centres? No problem. By enlisting SPG's expert solutions and experience, leaders can secure incredible benefits for their projects.

  • Fully serviced catering units providing vital services to teams in the field
  • Flawless hygiene and safety standards, even in the most unforgiving of terrain
  • Able to reach projects, no matter where they are located in Australia
  • Enabling teams to stay at the very top of their game for longer

Full-Service for Your Convenience

SPG's service extends far beyond the simple provision of kitchen units. All their units are fully-serviced, which means that food preparation and serving are handled by their expert team. The effect this has on morale, on the efficacy of a project, and on the general ability of a team to stay in the field for longer is enormous.

What’s more, the SPG team will handle the cleaning, leaving project teams to do what they do best, without any additional headaches.

Reaching Far and Wide

Australia is a big place, with many mining and civil engineering projects taking place far from traditional hubs of population and commerce. This could cause problems for some catering providers, but not for SPG.
They are specialists, and the solutions they provide are tailored specifically to the industry SPG operate in. Wherever there is work to be done in Australia – and however remote the project may be – SPG has the answer.

A project needs to be continued in a different location? That’s no trouble. SPG's units are fully portable, enabling them to provide a flexible service.

The Best Facilities and the Best Results

SPG's facilities go above and beyond Australia’s standards for safety and hygiene, ensuring peace of mind and great food for project teams. Clients will not be disappointed by SPG's services; nor will they be disappointed by the portable structures SPG offer, all of which are state of the art.

Want to know more about the benefits SPG can offer to a project? Get in touch with our team today.