In order to achieve the desired results from an engineering or mining project, teams need to be able to operate in the field for extended periods. Not only this, but they need to be able to keep operating at the best of their abilities throughout the duration of the project.

So, how can this be achieved? Of course, the highest quality tools, the most skilled team and the provision of the best resources are all necessary, but in order to stay at their best for longer, project teams needs facilities which match these standards.

This is why Site Projects Group's Caravan Hire services are providing such a huge boost to engineering and mining projects across Australia. They offer state of the art facilities aimed at giving project teams the base they need to be at their best for longer.

  • Affordable, portable facilities to offer teams the flexibility they need
  • Multi-purpose units covering everything a camp needs, from office space and storage units to accommodation and catering facilities
  • Able to reach the project site, wherever it is in Australia
  • Modern facilities which provide comfort and convenience over projects of any duration

Your Team’s Needs Covered

An engineering or mining project of any scale is a complex endeavour, which means organisations need a versatile base. Whatever is required, and in any configuration, Site Projects Group can provide it.

This includes top quality administration areas and office space to keep the project running smoothly, accommodation and catering units with the capability to provide what the team needs to stay in the field, and all manner of other caravan units which are designed to meet the needs of an engineering, construction or mining project.

Enhanced Flexibility, to Surpass Your Requirements

Site Project Group provide caravan solutions to projects in a diverse selection of fields, and so we understand that flexibility is paramount.

Perhaps a company needs to deploy in the short term at a location close to headquarters, or maybe a new project requires a team to be sent out to a remote location for several months. Whichever situation applies, SPG have the caravans to handle it.

Affordable without Compromise

Their portable caravan hire services are affordable, which means that project managers don’t need to worry about going over budget on their projects. However, they are also expertly designed, which means savings can be achieved without compromising on quality, capability or conditions.

To discover more about what SPG can provide, and about how we can assist project work in the field, get in touch with Site Projects Group today.