Construction Camps

SPG recently provided three turnkey mobile camps in the north Pilbara to a client completing a gas line construction project. The mobile camps enabled the client to minimise travel time along the pipeline, therefore saving valuable time and money on the construction phase.

The three camps were strategically estabilsed on the construction corrider allowing travel time each day to be kept to an absolute minimum. The time saved was converted into productive construction time. Due to constraints of access and space, SPG caravans were used to meet the needs of all camp infrastructure a secure chain wire fence was built for extra security. SPG also provided all catering, camp maintenance, potable water supply and sewage removal, and power supply. 


SPG is now a member of the Hire & Rental Industry Association (HRIA)

The Hire and Rental Industry Association is the official industry association for hire and rental companies in Australia. Their objectives are to promote and support the hire industry. Also to establish standards, conditions of trading and codes of ethics in the industry in the segments of it in which members are involved. To promote, encourage and support self-regulation in the industry, including adherence to the safety, educational, business and ethical standards of the Company.

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SPG Hire Depot in Newman

Site Projects Group operating capacity has expanded with the establishment of a hire and maintenance depot in Newman.

Site Projects Group operating capacity has expanded with the purchase of a property at 20 Shovelanna Street Newman, Western Australia. The property is 3000 sqm with a 400 sqm powered shed and office facilities.

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