When a team is working on a job, mobility is key. Team members need support, they need facilities, they need infrastructure and they need resources, and they need all of this to be in the right place at the right time.

This can be difficult enough to pull off when the project is close to headquarters, but this difficulty is magnified when operating in remote locations, particularly over longer periods of time.

Transportable mobile crib caravans can assist project teams and provide staff members with the mobility they need. Modern facilities, safe and hygienic amenities, and supreme flexibility are all provided to projects across Australia by Site Project Group.

SPG provide highly mobile crib caravans in a variety of configurations, ensuring that a project team has access to the mobile caravans it needs, when it needs them.

  • High levels of mobility and huge operational area. SPG can provide units to projects across Australia
  • State of the art units with impeccable safety and hygiene certification
  • Designed to be deployed wherever necessary, providing flexibility as well as a top quality unit
  • Wide range of units to suit a multitude of purposes

Close Consultation and a Tailored Service

SPG are experienced in providing portable caravans to project teams in a variety of industries, and so they understand that no two projects are totally alike. With this in mind, we begin our service with an in-depth consultation, gaining an understanding of the project and tailoring our service accordingly.

Supreme Flexibility…

Crib rooms are designed with mobility and flexibility as paramount. When a project requires that extra bit of flexibility, or when a team needs high quality infrastructure in a hurry, this is the unit for the job.

SPG can set up at a camp for as long as is required, before moving on to another location if necessary. Boosted efficiency and extended reach are delivered, along with SPG’s versatile fleet.

…Wherever it’s Needed

SPG understand that engineering, mining and construction projects often take place in less than convenient locations. Fortunately, they have the team and the resources to cover this.
Wherever a project is taking place in Australia, SPG can be of service. To find out more about what we can offer, or to enlist our help in making your project a success, give us a call today.