Sometimes a single base is just not enough and project teams need to branch out in order to get the job done. For these times, a fly camp is needed. Site Projects Group provide a fly camp hire service, designed to improve the flexibility, agility and capability of project teams on the ground.

Whether a team needs a fly camp on a semi-permanent basis for long periods of time, or if they simply need a temporary structure to house advance workers for a few short days, SPG have the resources and equipment to provide what is needed.

Our team has spent years providing a variety of different services and portable facilities to project teams across an array of industries. This has provided us with a great deal of experience which we can bring on a project.

  • Flexible fly camps for however long a team needs
  • High-quality facilities to enable the team to remain in the field, even when they are far from base camp
  • Proven track record in helping clients to go beyond their project goals
  • Expertly managed and overseen sites, eliminating the hassle associated with opening additional camps

Quality and Experience

Site Projects Group pride themselves on providing affordable fly camp hire services, without compromising on quality. We understand the complexity of a large scale engineering, construction or mining project. To counteract this, we provide high quality services and units to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

This knowledge of project work comes from experience. SPG aim to partner their clients as they surpass their project aims; rich experience and a reliable resource of industry knowledge is necessary if this is to be possible.

The Flexibility You Need

Project teams need to be agile and flexible, and they need to be capable of handling highly technical duties even in the most adverse of conditions and environments. SPG offer the flexibility and reliability required to make this possible.

Wherever the project is located, however far from base the fly camp is required, whichever timeframe the project requires, SPG’s service can be tailored to fit.

Management to Suit Your Requirements

In addition to providing the units and equipment for the camp, Site Project Group also have extensive management experience, giving them the ability to provide procedural efficiency, meet comprehensive health and safety guidelines, and give valuable peace of mind to project leaders.

To find out more about SPG and about the benefits we can provide to a project, contact our team today.