The Hire and Rental Industry Association is the official industry association for hire and rental companies in Australia. Their objectives are to promote and support the hire industry. Also to establish standards, conditions of trading and codes of ethics in the industry in the segments of it in which members are involved. To promote, encourage and support self-regulation in the industry, including adherence to the safety, educational, business and ethical standards of the Company.

The HRIA code of conduct

The members of the HRIA have agreed to comply with the HRIA Code of Conduct.   The Code is specific in terms of; management system; personnel; health and safety; the environment; business ethics; and in complying with the Code the HRIA expects that, in general, members will:

  • Pledge honesty and reliability in all business transactions
  • Maintain the highest standards of equipment safety and reliability
  • Encourage the exchange of information between members on practical, technical and safety matters
  • Co-operate with manufacturers, hirers, suppliers and regulatory authorities relevant to the industry

For more information on HRIA, please view their website